Welcome, come in to the potting shed!

Welcome, come in to the potting shed

Welcome to In To The Potting Shed. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my very first post. I feel a tremendous pressure to be witty and knowledgeable when in fact I have the sense of humour that makes Will Ferrell my favourite actor and up until recently believed that there was only one type of daffodil. And I’m Welsh. Daffodils should be my specialist subject!

So why a gardening blog when it’s pretty obvious that Charlie Dimmock, I’m not?

Well, I love to write (it’s my real, actual job) and to take photographs (sometimes part of my real, actual job), and while I don’t mind admitting defeat in some areas of my life - I’m mainly talking about wallpaper … uniformly hung wallpaper is my nemesis - I’m determined that our garden is not going to be one of the things that I ‘get someone in to do’. There’s little to no point in having one and a half acres of land if you’re not going to throw yourself in to making the very most of it, right?

And I got to thinking that there must be others out there like me - people who look in fear at both their lawn and all the Latin words that appear on their screen whenever they google anything to do with gardening. So why not document everything right from the very beginning? From learning to identify flowers from weeds, to understanding that no, you can’t simply throw seeds on top of soil and expect roots to reveal themselves in a matter of days.

In other words, let me be the, ‘Blimey, if she can do it, we can, too!’ person … or potentially the, ‘Okay, so at least we now know what not to do,’ example.

But every now and again, I do plan to throw in a blog post or two about things that are well within my comfort zone … styling spaces and entertaining! I rarely need an excuse to lay a table and make everything look pretty but, in the future, I plan to look to the outdoors more when doing so rather than the kitchen - and if I can use food and flowers grown in my very own garden all the better. Note to self … first job, vegetable patch!

I hope that you enjoy the stories that are to come. And the pretty pictures, too. But most of all, I hope that you stick around to see the progress (fingers crossed) that I make with this very special garden - and potting shed - that I’m now responsible for making the most of. Please do ‘shout’ with any hints, tips or ideas. I’m all ears!

Welcome, come in to the potting shed