In to the potting shed

Hello, I’m Rachel

Welcome to In To The Potting Shed 

I’m a freelance writer and extremely novice gardener based in beautiful North Wales. How novice? This novice:

‘What do you mean there’s more than one type of daffodil?! 1,300 of them?! You’re kidding me?!’

Yes, that’s my level of knowledge. And I’m Welsh. Daffodils should be my specialist subject. I’ve got so much to learn.

I’m a mum to two cheeky boys (aged eight and six) and the wife of a tall, dark man. My favourite things include a tidy house, a roaring fire, and a pub lunch after a country walk. In the future, I’m hoping to add ‘ambling around my amazing garden’ to that list. Fingers crossed!


come in to my potting shed

In to the potting shed

Why a gardening blog if I possess little to no gardening skills? Well, that’s exactly why! Because I’m starting from scratch. And it’s a bit scary, to be honest. Over the past ten years, we’ve gone from living in a city apartment with a small balcony, to a village new build with an ever-so-slightly bigger garden, and finally, in February 2018, to a rural abode set in one and a half acres. One and a half acres of I-have-no-clue-what-to-do-with-you land. I pushed it to the back of my mind at the beginning in favour of planning the interiors but now it’s time to face my fears.

I know that there must be so many others out there like me … others who have searched for advice and tips and been confronted with a very long list of confusing Latin words and complicated-sounding planting schedules. Both of which almost had me arguing a case for a wild garden - as in a garden left to do its own thing rather than strategically planted wildflowers. But, no. I refuse to give in. It’s time for me to take my gardening gloves out of their packaging and master the art of pruning. Finding out what pruning actually means would probably be a good place to start, right?